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Hi Blake:

I really enjoyed the Mold Certification course this weekend. Building Specs puts on the best programs and has the best instructors. I hold a pretty high standard in my home inspection business and I appreciate going to training programs where the instructors and the material are the highest quality...because it is going to reflect in my business. As I mentioned on Sunday, I have a trade show booth that I use to post pictures of various home conditions that I check. I have a show coming up soon and was wondering if you could send me three or four slides of moldy walls, ceilings, etc. from the training slides. I will print them out with the IESO and building specs log or what ever information is on them to ensure there are no copyright infringements.

Larry H.


Building Specs Inc.:

"I would like to thank you for your help in working with me in setting up my inspection business. I have found your forms to be the best on the market. Very easy to read and to fill out. The customer also likes the summary report at the end of each part of the inspection. This makes it easy for them, as I'm giving them a summary of each item. This form is very easy to use and quite comprehensive. Much better than any other on the market. I plan on using you for all my inspection needs. I would also like to thank Denise and Linda for their help and friendliness in filling my order. They are an asset to the company. Professional people like these two are what makes a company work. Again thank you for your help."

Roger M.


Hi Sirs:

"I've ordered your inspection reports for a trial run. I found it great! The most thorough so far. It just walked me through the inspection with not a stone left unturned. 'Nice job Building Specs.' "

Paul M.



" I have placed some orders with your company and have to say that I will be a repeat customer. On a couple of the orders there were some delays, and one item I received did not work. These problems were promptly taken care of, making me feel very good about your attention to detail. I will certainly do my best to tell others about you and your products/services. Keep up the good work."


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