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EIFS InspectionEIFS Inspections

An EIFS inspection entails the following:

Pictures of the home are taken for the purpose of locating readings as well as detailing any points on the home that the client should be made aware of. The inspector will speak to client to address any concerns or issues relevant to the inspection.

The process:

The walls will be scanned with the Tramex Wet-Wall-Detector. This is a non-invasive device that is placed against the exterior surface of the EIFS and passed over the wall area being tested while remaining in contact with the surface. The scanner is first zeroed on a wall area without any penetrations, and readings are taken relative to that reading. The scanner is designed to detect general areas of high moisture content within the wall, but cannot quantify moisture percentages.

The walls will be probed with the Delmhorst BD-9 with long probes. Interior surfaces will be scanned with the Tramex Moisture Encounter and probed with the Protimeter Survey Master where high moisture readings occurred on the exterior of the house, if applicable and access was available inside the house. The moisture probe meter is used to probe substrates and framing for indications of soft or rotted materials and to obtain moisture content measurements. These meters use hand held twin probes that have insulated electrodes. The probes are electrically conductive at the tip for measuring resistance of the material into which the tips are embedded.

The probe holes will be about 1/8 inch. The inspector will fill all probe holes after the inspection, using a manufacturer-approved sealant. The inspector will attempt to match the color of the EIFS to the greatest extent possible.

Offices independently owned and operated.
Inspection services may vary from office to office.

Contact the office nearest you to confirm which services are offered in your area.

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