Over 20 years offering home inspections, commercial inspections, environmental inspections and testing and more...

  • Home Inspection
    A Building Specs home inspection is a beneficial service for both home buyers and sellers. A buyer is able to purchase with confidence...
  • Commercial Inspection
    Commercial Inspections are provided by Building Specs to help investors and property managers better evaluate...

Our Advantages

  • 1. Building Specs is your one-stop shopping home inspection company. We offer termite, mold, septic, water testing, radon, pool and spa, pier and bulkhead.
  • 2. Green Inspections will show you how to make your home more energy efficient. Save money on your electric and water bills and reduce your carbon footprint?
  • 3. Online library of articles dedicated to educating you about your home. Providing you with resources for preventative maintenance, environmentally and economically smart solutions to everyday issues in and around your home.